Camp Schedule

Thursday: Arrive in Idaho in the AM (see directions link for various travel options). We will have a 12 passenger van leaving Pocatello (approximately 9AM), stopping through Sun Valley, Idaho (can arrange pick up in Sun Valley at NOON) and then getting to the cabin by 1PM.

     ~Activity: PM activity (Pre-Run / Activation Activities, Mountain Safety Basics)   on the Burnt Creek Property


     ~Evening Activity: Core Basics



     ~Activity: White Clouds all day (picnic lunch provided) (10-15 miles, but broken  

       up due to skill focus)

           Skill Focus: Scrambling, Scree, Descending

           Post-adventure Hot Springs


     ~Evening Activity: Core Advanced/Injury Prevention


     ~Simple Breakfast

     ~Activity: Putting it all together - peak bagging adventure route (~20 miles

       continuous) (picnic lunch provided)


     ~Evening Activity: Hot Springs (pending time/energy)


     ~AM Activity (Optional):  yoga (on the burnt creek property) and ice bath in Salmon River

     ~Breakfast Feast

     ~Camp awards/memories/Swag

     ~NOON - Depart back to Pocatello, stopping through Sun Valley (1 PM), arrive in 

       Pocatello by 4 PM.


***GOAT Adventures LLC. (licensed outfitter in Idaho) operates under a Special Use Permit with the Sawtooth National Forest.


***Running groups will be established based on pace and skill level with the intention of keeping all runners safe and with a small group at all times. You should be capable of enduring an all day mountain adventure (includes lunch stops, swim breaks, selfie stops, etc.) when considering attendance of this camp. Again, this is targeting intermediate to advanced runners, with flexibility in pace and speed. If you have concerns please reach out via the "Contact Me Here" button.