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How To Get There


The Pocatello Airport (PIH) is the airport directly to Pocatello, but the Salt Lake City (SLC) airport is the closest major airport to Pocatello, Idaho. There is a "Salt Lake Express" that provides shuttle service from the SLC airport to Pocatello, this is a 3.5 hour shuttle, otherwise it is a 2.5 hour drive with free parking at the Pocatello airport. 

We will be picking up a Passenger Van to provide transportation from Pocatello to the camp locations. The Boise airport (BOI) is another option and may have transportation options depending on camp attendees. Feel free to reach out to discuss travel plans.

Driving Directions:

Carpooling options may be available. Beginner's Camp is located in Clayton, Idaho and Advanced Camp/3-Day Remote Camp are based out of Moore/Mackay, Idaho.

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